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Trust Attorney Amy Ochi with your Estate Planning Needs

“I want to express my gratitude for the help you gave me with my dad's trust and for the wise counsel I received from you. You made a difficult process much easier to deal with. We are waiting for the house to sell, but we are patient. All is well, we are happy and in a good place! Warm regards. P.S. Please extend thanks for Nicole for the work she did on our behalf.”
L.G. in Loomis

“First I wish to thank you for the great representation. You have singlehandedly redeemed the attorney profession in my eyes. You have been more than fair in your billing practices and I truly appreciate it.”
D.K. in Rancho Cordova

“I just want to thank you so much for taking such good care of my mom! She is very comfortable and pleased with the results!”
L.C. in Roseville

“Amy’s knowledge and willingness to discuss everything even if she had to repeat several times makes you feel valued as a customer and client.”
M.M. in Elk Grove

“You stepped into my life at a time I so needed your help and expertise. I thank God and I thank you!”
C.M. in Roseville

“It is a weight off my shoulders knowing things are taken care of and well defined for our trustee and children. Amy is extremely professional yet approachable in assisting a lay-person through the legal system. I felt very confident she was looking out for our best interests and providing us with exactly what our intentions were in drawing up a trust. It was a wonderful experience!”
V.H., in Gold River

“Amy is personable, easy to work with, knowledgeable and thorough in getting things done correctly and on time. We also were able to avoid confusion for survivors by arranging for disposal of earlier documents that could have made administration of the trust complicated.”
R.K. & J.K., in Roseville

“My experience exceeded my expectations as Amy is extremely competent and thorough in both explaining and drafting an understandable set of documents well-suited to our needs. Our experience with Amy was most satisfactory and we would strongly recommend her to any clients needing estate planning services.”
C.A.S.II, in Gold River

“My wife and I were very happy working with Ochi Law. Amy and her staff were very professional and courteous. Amy went out of her way to explain our trust and its impact on us and our family. Overall, a very good experience. I would be more than happy to work with Amy again and would definitely recommend Ochi Law to friends, family and associates.
C.P., in Elk Grove

“Goals were set, timetables put in place, follow ups done on time as expected. Answered all questions and gave valuable insight. Her efficiency and sticking to task at hand saved me valuable time and I am very appreciative for that.”
B. L. & L.L., in Antelope

“Amy is very skillful translating legalese language for the lay person making sure I understood each document.”
K.P., in Roseville

“Below are a few words regarding our short (and enjoyable) business relationship. Everything I said in the statement came from the heart because I truly believe you have found your calling.”

“A couple of months ago I was reminded my Living Trust was over 10 years old. I realized then that my family had made some changes (children married, grandchild etc.) so it was time to make some changes to accommodate my family as it is now. I contacted a friend of mine and he recommended Amy Ochi, Esq. Please let it be known that it was an absolute pleasure working with Amy. She has the ability to meet with her client and be able to know, just after a few minutes, exactly what the client’s wishes are. She is extremely knowledgeable in Estate Planning as well as she is able to reach out to her clients with sympathy as well as empathy when needed. I highly recommend Ms. Ochi for any Estate planning/Living Trust needs to anyone.”
D. B. in Fair Oaks

“Amy Ochi is very caring, fair minded, and patient with older people. She is a superb person and I am fortunate to have her in my life.”
E.D. in Roseville

“I feel you did a great job for me!! Thank you Amy for helping me with this important step for our family. You make it smooth and so much easier than I anticipated.”
D.S. in Rocklin

“Amy Ochi is very professional!! When we started the planning process, I couldn’t say that I had any real expectations, at least any I could have stated. As we progressed, I could see what the objectives were, and was very pleased with the final results.”
W.B. in Citrus Heights

“Amy did a great job explaining everything.”
C.H. in Roseville